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About the company
At the time of opening, we were entrusted with assets worth more than
120 mln.$
quantum capital
Quantum Capital works with clients to understand their requirements and goals. QC invests with discipline and in-depth analysis to ensure the best results.
The investment committee has over 20 years of combined asset allocation experience
Our mission: to be architects of our clients financial well-being
Our main principle: the benefit of the client is the benefit of the company
Quantum Capital's activities are licensed by Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) based on common English law
Arranging Deals in Investments
Managing Investments
Advising on Investments
Investment strategies
We offer our clients two investment strategies
Quantum Capital Fixed Income Plus
Expected return (in USD)
Recommended investment period
2 years or more
A strategy for investing in bonds of developing and developed countries, which seeks to preserve the accumulated capital
Quantum Capital Value Equity
Expected return on (in USD)
Recommended investment period
5 years or more
A strategy for investing in stocks of American companies, which seeks a long-term increase in capital with an increase in net profit significantly exceeding the SPDR benchmark - S&P 500 ETF Trust.
Ahmet Byashimov
CEO Co-founder
For us, investing is like a round of checkers. Using sophisticated fundamental and technical analysis, we combine a wealth of data, growing the assets of our clients.
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Timirlan Gumbatov
Head of Strategic Planning, Co-Founder
Our investment philosophy and principles are strictly applied in all our strategies and we believe that fundamental research and a well-thought out process lead to excellent long-term results.
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Askar Akhmedov
Chief Investment Officer
Financial markets are not a casino, but cold calculations, which take time to unravel. We make money over time and one just needs to learn to wait.
Erlan Soltanov
Head of sales
Client assets in advisory management
26 mln.$
I adhere to a balanced money management strategy, preferring fixed income investment tools
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Investors' assets are stored on the client’s individual account in the following depositories
Privacy and protection
Risk minimisation, segregation of assets
Scheme of work
(Securities Investor Protection Corporation)
Client assets in individual accounts of up to $ 2 750 000 are covered by the investor insurance protection program - SIPC
Using several banks, the program can provide insurance for a total of $ 2,750,000. Cash balances in excess of this amount shall be maintained in accordance with the SEC 15c3-3 Client Protection Rule, backed by the authorized capital of the company, which exceeds $ 6 billion.
insurance protection program - SIPC
Step 1
an individual brokerage account
Step 2
Familiarization with
and signing of asset management agreement
Step 3
of broker account and selection of investment strategy
Open account
Advantages and benefits:
No need to monitor the market yourself
The client is “assigned” with the own investment consultant, a representative of the investment committee
The Investment Committee presents a solution with predicted returns and specified risk levels
Investor can track performance in real time
Making adjustments to the selected strategy can be carried out strictly by agreement with the client
Proper distribution of capital to maximize profitability and reduce unidirectional risks
together with Quantum Capital
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